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Japanese luxury brand Sacai have just unveiled their brand new 2021 Fall Ready-To-Wear collection. It comes along with a video that gives a very urban touch to the collection itself. Having recreated the Tokyo style for the background and in the collection, it seems perfect for any urban lovers or the chic but comfortable style.


Designed by Chitose Abe, it is another collection from the pandemic that has put the casual side forward and we understand the thinking. With this very fall and winter vibe through the colors and the cuts, she discretely put back the “dressing up” vibe too.


The color palette is quite neutral, with lots of dark colors, but we find some reds, greens, and mustard colors, which bring a bit more pop to the collection. We find some close-to-the-body dresses that enhance the silhouettes, paired with a coat to top off the outfit and make it a statement.


The designs are varied, there isn’t a special Sacai design, but Abe is working on it, so maybe in the next collection, she will be able to mark her brand in the fashion industry. Different size patterns, mixed masculine, and feminine tropes, layering a smaller jacket over a larger one, are all part of the collection and that is what makes it unique.


As we noted, the Tokyo energy was recreated here and to be more specific, the famous Shibuya Crossing. With a helicopter that could be confused with a James Bond vibe here, the video sees models emerging from the helicopter’s side door. The point, according to Vogue, was to drive home the urban nature of the clothes.


The brand has been quite busy the past year, with all these pandemic collections and their famous collaboration with the sports brand Nike, the Sacai x Nike sneakers, has made the brand even more popular than it was before.


Please find below some of the stunning outfits from the collection.



Watch the collection video below:




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