Netflix Announces New ‘This Is Pop’ Docuseries On Pop Music History | Music News


Netflix together with Banger Films have announced This Is Pop, a brand new eight-part docuseries that is about to examine untold stories from pop music history!


Each episode of the project will be helmed by a different director and will focus on a certain era in pop music! Starting from early protest music to the rise of autotune to the Britpop boom and much more.


The series will feature interviews with artists like Brandi Carlile, T-Pain, Boyz II Men, Steve Earle, Shania Twain and Chuck D and aims at highlighting most significant moments in pop music industry that made drastic impact on the culture in general.


The producer of This Is Pop, Amanda Burt, gave a statement on the soon-to-premiere documentary: “We started with the question ‘What is Pop?, and found answers we never expected. It’s more than the charts or what floats out of a car radio. It’s a perfect time capsule of how people were living as it was made and how they danced, loved, and cried as it was heard“.


The piece of work seems unique in its form and conceptual idea and surely will be a great and quite amusing documentary to watch for both music lovers and music professionals!


Watch the first trailer of the highly-anticipated project down below and get ready for June 22, the day when it drops on the Netflix platform!




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