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The fashion world’s enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier announced on Wednesday that it is returning to ready-to-wear. The first of these, a reinterpretation of his iconic sailor suit, will be available online on Friday.


The creative team of designers Nicola Lecourt Mansion, Ottolinger, Palomo Spain, Alan Crocetti and Marvin M’Toumo have “resurrected” Jean Paul Gaultier’s ready-to-wear collections in this summer drop unveiled on the “occasion of LGBTQI+ Pride Month”. The star model Bella Hadid promotes this “unisex, inclusive, collective and sea misting” collection.


The famous “marinière” is available in six versions, one of which is completely oversized. Nicola Lecourt Mansion has designed a black bodysuit in a crystal-embellished mesh with stripes that follow the shape of the body, while Palomo Spain has designed a memorable floral corset. Ottolinger created jumpsuits with distorted zebra stripes, Alan Crocetti a conical bra jewel, and Marvin M’Toumo ‘shellfish’ accessories.


Throughout his career, the French couturier has led the movement to deconstruct gender categories, a position maintained by his house since his retirement. His online shop does not display gender categories, each model is worn successively by men and women.


The new ready-to-wear collection will be available for sale from Friday, May 28, on the brand’s dedicated website, and then exclusively on SSense.


You can preview the collection below.











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