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Jennifer Lawrence recently shot her first sex scene with the lovely Chris Pratt, she has since then been very open about the understandably awkward and stressful experience, describing it as “the most vulnerable I’ve ever been”. On NBC’s Late Night show she talked to Seth Meyers about the nerve-racking experience.


“I was paranoid about coming across as a predator” she candidly said. So how did she prepare? Because, let’s get real – how does one discuss a scene like that? “…are you gonna hump me once? Are you gonna be on top?’ Well, the solution was to obviously down a bottle of whiskey beforehand. “Oh yeah I’m going to get hammered for the sex scene because it’s stressful and scary,’ and then you forget you’re at work and so you’re going to be here for eight hours”.



Lawrence, being her funny and lovely self, also confessed to Meyers that she used to carry a torch for him. “You probably know this by now because I’ve told everybody at NBC. Years ago, I did SNL. You were working there. I don’t know what you did. I had a really big crush on you, and so I had this whole plan. All week I was like, ‘He’s going to ask me out. He’s totally going to ask me out”. She revealed.


“Then later in the week I was like, ‘I’m going to ask him out.’ I had created the romance in my head because I’m delusional.” And so I was like, ‘OK, you know what? I’m doing it. I’m doing it!” I feel you, Lawrence. We’ve all been there. She then went on to reveal that there is another celebrity out there that she adores just as much, or maybe more, than Meyers.




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