Jersey Singer-Songwriter Shawn Chasten Shares New Single ‘Too Much Time’

South Jersey based singer songwriter Shawn Chasten has unveiled his new track titled “Too Much Time”.

Currently schooled at the California Polytechnic State University in San Lui Obispo, Shawn Chasten is a multi-talented artist – he produces, sings, and writes his own pieces of music.

The young singer has the power to create light acoustic sounds able to catch and hold the audience attention. Among his inspiration, it is possible to mention Post Malone, Milky Chance or John Mayer, showing a large range of different sources.

The single “Too Much Time” is a catchy, cool and smooth song that provides easy-going melodies and a beat transporting the listeners far from the reality.

Speaking about the track “Too Much Time”, Shawn Chasten adds “I wrote this song after I learned Dunno (Mac Miller) on piano. This one is heavily influenced by Mac as well as my time living in Big Sur, CA. The piano riff that remains was the first thing I played when I turned on my keyboard…

Shortly after the main hook, ‘Blessed be the things that haunt me’ came out of me with no thought or effort as I was searching for a melody. It relates to the stresses in life, and how if they are unavoidable (in my head) and are going to exist, hopefully they are there for a reason and treat me well in the end. Amazing when songs write themselves like this.

Listen to “Too Much Time” here:


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