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Following the successful release of his latest single “Treat“, Finland-based singer-songwriter Jesse Markin returns with his new single “Jericho“, the latest taste of his forthcoming album.


Where “Treat” leaned strongly on danceable club rhythms and catchy vocal hooks, “Jericho” showcases a more sensitive and pictorial side of his repertoire.The piano purposely sends chills, the guitar strums are haunting and peaks and troughs take the listener on an emotional journey. Much like the songwriting.


Speaking on the track Jesse explains: “To reach our goals we have to break down the walls holding us back. ‘Jericho’ is a song about letting go and trough that, finding peace. The name of the song came from the Old Testament, where the Israelites had to start from the walls of Jericho to get to their promised land. These walls can be found everywhere and that was the idea that led to a song.”



A solo artist now after 12 years with The Megaphone State, Markin takes leaps forward both musically and thematically with his solo project and broadens his expression from rapping also to singing. Tastemaker support and award nominations aside, Jesse looks to break into the consciousness of UK listeners with “Jericho”.



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