Jim Vierra And Ron Poindexter Unite For Uplifting New Track ‘Jesus Lift Me Up’

A harmonious fusion of talent emerges with the release of Jim Vierra‘s latest musical endeavor, “Jesus Lift Me Up“, featuring the soulful contributions of Ron Poindexter. This captivating track promises to resonate deeply with listeners, offering a powerful message intertwined with an enchanting melody.

“Jesus Lift Me Up” stands out with its evocative sounds and deeply spiritual message. The melody, primarily driven by an emotive piano, is beautifully complemented by Ron Poindexter’s passionate vocals. This duo manages to capture the essence of praise and celebration of faith in God. The lyrics, filled with emotion and devotion, express a sincere desire to walk alongside the Lord, offering a life filled with peace and joy.

Jim Vierra, with decades of experience in music, has always been surrounded by classic rock ‘n’ roll. This passion led him to create his own production company, “Fifty Something Records”, allowing artists from various backgrounds to flourish. It is in Christian music that Jim found a profound connection with his beliefs, leading to authentic and inspired musical creations.

Ron Poindexter, on the other hand, shines with his innate talent for gospel. His controlled and passionate voice, supported by a harmonious choir, brings the lyrics of “Jesus Lift Me Up” to life. Together, they celebrate the unique relationship they have with God, inviting listeners to share in this spiritual experience.

Jim Vierra and Ron Poindexter’s work is a tribute to the beauty of divine creation. The “Jesus Lift Me Up” music video offers sublime images of nature’s wonders, from breathtaking landscapes to moments of prayer and reflection by individuals from all walks of life. This video serves as a reminder of the importance of stepping back and thanking God for the blessings He provides.

We warmly invite you to discover “Jesus Lift Me Up”. Let yourself be carried away by this divine melody and immerse yourself in the spiritual world it offers. Click the link below to listen to the song and experience this unique journey.

With “Jesus Lift Me Up”, Jim Vierra and Ron Poindexter offer a song that inspires faith and love. Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect with what truly matters, listen to it below.


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