Joe Carnahan To Direct Mel Gibson & Frank Grillo In Action-Thriller ‘Boss Level’ | Film News


Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) is set to direct the action thriller Boss Level, which is reportedly a new spin on the Groundhog Day premise where a protagonist keeps living the same day over and over again. This time it’s being shifted into the action genre.


The premise? “Every day, a retired special forces veteran is trapped in a never ending loop resulting in his death. In order to stop his endless suffering, Roy must figure out who is responsible and stop them”.


Set to star in the movie are Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson. Why Gibson, especially in this current climate where Hollywood seems to ostensibly be stamping down on heinous people in the industry? Who knows. Having made his ‘comeback’ last year with Hacksaw Ridge, he’s now starring in Daddy’s Home 2, and seems to have escaped scorn for his hateful things simply because they happened a while ago.


The film frankly sounds like a forgettable action thriller attempting to differentiate itself through a premise that’s sort of been done to death by now. But Carnahan is at least a director that’s not totally milquetoast, so maybe he can make something interesting out of this. Filming is reportedly set to begin next year.



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