Writer-Director Stephen Chbosky To Helm Disney’s ‘Prince Charming’ | Film News


Stephen Chbosky has taken one of the more interesting avenues to Hollywood. He is the celebrated author of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and in a surprising move, was hired to not only adapt his own work for the screen, but direct it as well. That movie worked out well, and now he’s moving onto even bigger things.


Disney have hired Chbosky to offer a new spin on the classic fairy tale Prince Charming, arguably the Disney story most in need of modernising. Chbosky will write the script but is potentially in line to direct as well.


Writer Matt Fogel has already penned the first script, which reportedly skewers the image of the enduring character made famous by Disney’s classic princess films and “takes a look at the iconic prince from the point of view of his brother who never quite lived up to the family name”.


This movie will not be part of Disney’s live-action adaptations and will remain animated, where in recent years they’ve taken to playing with their own established tropes, such as already putting a clever twist on prince charming in the mega-hit, Frozen.


Chbosky already worked with Disney somewhat on Beauty & The Beast, which currently stands as the highest grossing film of 2017, while his latest film Wonder, starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, is set to arrive later this year.


Chbosky has already proven to be very adept at writing both on the page and for the screen, and having worked with them on one classic adaptation already, who better to tackle one of the most famous but antiquated stories in Disney’s canon?



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