John Cleese Says Modern TV Comedy Is Underwhelming | TV News


Comedy legend and Monty Python star John Cleese has revealed his disappointment in modern television comedy this week at the Cheltenham Literature Film Festival whilst promoting his new memoir So, Anyway. Cleese said, “when you have been doing comedy for as long as me, you really know most of the jokes“. As much as he has shown admiration for the likes of Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard for doing new and “marvellous” things, he still believes that new comics have difficulty meeting that standard put in place by comics such as Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers. However, modern life isn’t all stale as he does still find humour in other areas of life such as the Scottish Referendum which he thought was “absolutely hilarious”… As a Scot’ myself, it was a pretty funny political event.



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