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Upcoming Danish producer Jonas Schmidt has teamed up with henrikz to make their first appearance on Outbreak Records with a brand-new electro pop track titled “Fall Again”.


Jonas Schmidt started producing music over five years ago. However, he didn’t share any of his work until 2017, when he decided to drop his first single. The track was very acclaimed and gained global recognition and a lot of support by the public.


Following his success with his debut, Schmidt has been making his mark into the music industry with his recent releases on the labels such as NCU, Strange Fruits and Killabite Media.


Schmidt is not only a producer but also a performer/DJ and his Dance/pop beats mixed with tropical house, future house and deep house are slaying it. He developed a very unique, personal style very quick, which has been defined as ‘summer music’, and is making his way through the music scenario with big steps.


Henrikz has also made a name for himself in the music industry with recent new tracks on Frequency, TGR Sony Music Sweden and Strange Fruits, among many others. Now, they are back to bring this new collaboration, “Fall Again”.


The track continues in the same vein as Schmidt’s previous releases, keeping his distinctive summer vibes alongside a male and female catchy duo. Both vocals blend perfectly with the instrumental elements such as the flute, which leads the rhythm, and bongo and drums accompanying, highlighting the melody and making it really catchy.


Listen to “Fall Again” down below:




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