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London and LA-based duo FARR, have unveiled their new song “Paranoid”. The infectious and smooth “anxiety anthem” explores the feeling of losing control over your life.


FARR, a transatlantic project launched by soul vocalist Roméo and electronic producer Linden Jay, first came together in 2016 during a studio session. Since then, they’ve been producing entrancing, dreamy tunes, which bring together powerful Stevie Wonder-like vocals and modern electronic production.


The latest offering from FARR tackles the feeling of anxiety caused by losing control over what’s going on in your life. “A couple years back Linden and I were in London around Glastonbury weekend”, the vocalist said. “We hadn’t seen each other in a few months and had a bunch of music to catch up on so we started a few new ideas.


That same day my ex was going out with some of my friends for my best friend’s birthday and I had this pit in my stomach that she was gonna try to sleep with one of them.


I spent the whole night in the studio freaking out, checking my phone every five minutes, and Linden started playing this organ in his studio kitchen. We started going back and forth and ended up with ‘Paranoid’, which is essentially about my incessant day to day worrying. It’s an anxiety anthem”.


The duo supported by such publications as BBC, Earmilk, Clash and Indie Shuffle are currently accompanying Australian songwriter and producer Hayden James on his Australian and European tour. They are slated to perform in London, Paris, Berlin and more next month.


Listen to “Paranoid” here:




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