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YouTube fashion show series PAQ, created by a group of four friends, has launched a new clothing line called Ways Of Seeing on their official site. PAQ was created to make fashion more fun and enjoyable for young men and it quickly became a self-expressive streetwear tastemaker.


Shaq, Danny, Dex and Elias present the YouTube series, with their gen-Z network Kyra TV in charge of the production of the weekly videos that they upload to YouTube every Thursday. PAQ share their sense of style through fashion with a dose of superbikes, Lamborghinis and private jets.


To celebrate the release of the clothing line, PAQ opened a pop up shop in London, where 500 fans gathered to discover the new Ways Of Seeing’ garments and meet the fashion YouTubers.


PAQ defined streetwear as a form of rebellion and their show’s director Kaio Grizzelle emphasised that most streetwear nowadays is just uniform. “Some people still think it’s [about] throwing on as many brands as possible, and however much your outfit costs is how good it it. There’s a lot of fashion being thrown around but there’s no style”, Danny added.


Their new Ways Of Seeing has brought a limited collection of unisex hoodies, graphic T-shirts and accessories. PAQ’s product is eco-friendly since is made of organic cotton from environmentally conscious factories. Check out some of the pieces below.








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