Watch Final Trailer For ‘Jurassic World’ | Film Trailer


Here it is. The final trailer of Jurassic World. The last sneak peak we will get until the great release next Friday. Immediately different from previous trailers, we are greeted not by some marvellous prehistoric CG predator, but rather a small piglet running through long grass. “There’s a pig loose!” shouts an unidentified male voice, although we are aware it is not Chris Pratt, the face of Jurassic World.


A boy is revealed, being pulled into the velociraptor pen and rescued by Pratt. It is here that this new footage interweaves with the original trailer footage. Nothing more is introduced to us in the way of plot developments, but what we are given is new clips saturated with action and previews of prehistoric beasts that we have not been introduced to in previous trailers – leaving the audience asking what other treasures, and dangers, we will find at the new dinosaur theme park.




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