Kaia Gerber Stars In New Alexander McQueen Slash Bag Campaign

For the Slash Bag campaign, Alexander McQueen‘s latest release examines the tension between humans and technology and places their popular items in a futuristic context.

Human feeling is brought to the fore in this Glen Luchford-directed film featuring Kaia Gerber as she encounters a robotic version of herself. Gerber, who is constantly being watched, is confused, upset, and angry. When she tries to run away, she becomes lost in the darkness and creates an eerie, dark atmosphere.

Beyond the twisted plot, the new bag incorporates iconic McQueen elements like the skull motif and Knuckle hardware, which made their debut during the pre-spring/summer 2023 collection. The leather goods are made from cushioned leather and are meticulously cut. They have the same design aesthetic as the apparel, particularly the sliced and slashed tailoring, which gives the collection a harmonic beauty.

In the captivating and futuristic advertising campaign video, we enter a bleak world with a start and the flicker of an auburn eye. Automobiles in the air fly next to brutalist towers as they are obscured by an amber-hued photochemical smog. Kaia Gerber is seen in a split second walking along a concrete, post-modern veranda.

As she continues to down an industrialized spiral staircase, her posture is stern like the surrounding architecture and her gestures are soft. A red version of the Alexander McQueen Slash Bag, a stunning new addition to the brand’s expanding bag family with McQueen’s iconic knuckle hardware and skull motifs, is thrown over her shoulder.

She enters a ghostly alabaster chamber via an automatic door. It has an unfinished vibe, similar to the universe’s furthest reaches. A row of menacing cyborg mannequins on metal stands to the model’s right subtly alluding to the uncanny valley. Gerber pauses at the final Ex Machina-like figure, which is a replica of herself.

She examines the humanoid thing with puzzled introspection as her countenance gradually darkens and gives way to a range of unprocessed emotions, causing tears to fall down her rosy cheeks.

When she turns back to look at the bot after being distracted by a drone, the bot’s eyes flicker awake. Gerber rushes out of the stark room in a confusing panic before her senses completely fail her in the darkness.

It’s a beautiful sci-fi short film full of firsts, including Glen Luchford’s first time capturing Gerber and the London label’s first pre-collection campaign film.

Check out the new collection of Alexander McQueen’s Slash Bag below!

Watch the captivating campaign for the new collection below!


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