Kendall Jenner Puts An End To Sexuality Rumours | Fashion News


It has been a while since media have started to write and discuss about Kendall Jenner‘s sexuality and the fact that she has never been witnessed with a boyfriend in her public appearances. Media have started to spread the rumor that Kendall is hiding her true sexual identity and the fact that she is potentially gay.


But the time has come for the youngest of the Kardashian family to respond to all those rumors and the famous supermodel picks Vogue magazine as the medium to express herself. Through an open and honest interview, she clearly states that she is not gay and she has nothing to hide actually. She would never hide something like that.



The model admits that she prefers to keep her relationship private in a strict level, something that is totally different compared to the rest of the Kardashian sisters. But that is who she is and she would never over-project her current boyfriend, famous basketball player, so as to prove media’s rumors wrong.






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