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Kevin Smith is returning to his View Askewniverse. He’s been dabbling in other projects recently – his own True North trilogy as well as directing some TV – but it seems he’s returning to his roots.


Posting on Facebook, Smith revealed he’s penning a script, titled Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The duo haven’t been seen on screen since Clerks II, and while Smith stated he doesn’t own the rights to Clerks or Mallrats – of which sequels he’s been trying to get made, with no luck so far – he does own the rights to Jay and Silent Bob. So the duo are making a comeback.


Smith calls the script “a tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that pokes fun at the movie business’s recent re-do obsession” as it follows the duos quest to stop a brand new reboot of their despised Bluntman & Chronic movie.


Miramax is apparently interested in the project and Smith hopes to start filming in the summer. Smith’s last few projects came together exceptionally quickly – and don’t require a large budget – so this could be off the ground sooner than one might think.


I’m sure Smith sees the irony, and will likely repeatedly point it out, in rebooting his own famed characters to make fun of movie reboots, but hey, that’s what it takes to get something made today it seems.


Smith’s recent output hasn’t been the best of his career, and who knows, maybe the world has moved on from the lovable stoner duo. Smith will be hoping that’s not the case, and we’ll see whether the new film captures the DIY tone and vulgar camaraderie Jay and Silent Bob made famous.



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