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When you think ‘horror films’, the last thing you think alongside that is ‘Pineapple Express‘. Well, maybe not anymore.


In news that’s as shocking as it is intriguing, Miramax’s new Halloween remake has found its creative team. Director, David Gordon Green, purveyor of great indie dramas (George Washington, All The Real Girls) and stoner comedies (Your Highness, The Sitter), will direct the film, as well as write it alongside longtime collaborator, Danny McBride.


There aren’t any details revealed yet, but perhaps the best news for ardent fans of the original 1978 film is that John Carpenter himself broke the news, seeming incredibly excited, and he will also executive produce and possibly even write the score. Hold your breath.


Carpenter said on his Facebook page: “WOW. They get it…I think you’re gonna dig it”.


This new remake will arrive following the 2007 remake and 2009 sequel helmed by Rob Zombie, with 2009’s Halloween II frankly being fantastic, which added an even darker tone and fleshed out back story to Michael Myers’ past that seemed to divide fans. With this new film, it’s assumed that Gordon Green and McBride will go back to the basics of the franchise, no doubt with their own twist on the story.


It’s not often a remake of a classic horror film is met with this much intrigue. Miramax are taking a risk some might say, but it’s a risk that’s surely worth taking rather than hiring just another bland director looking to simply remake Carpenter’s film beat for beat.


Gordon Green has always jumped between genres at will, and McBride has always been a talented writer in both film and TV, but this will be a totally different beast, and a chance for them to really make something totally unexpected from completely exoteric source material. Who knew it was possible to be this excited for a second remake of a classic film?


There is currently no title, but the film does have a release date. It will arrive on October 19, 2018. Let’s see what Gordon Green and McBride can do.



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