Kevin Spacey Returns To Acting In Italian Film ‘L’uomo Che Disegno Dio’ With Vanessa Redgrave | Film News


Since the sexual allegations against him in 2017, Kevin Spacey has not appeared in any films. Italian director Franco Nero has decided to remedy that by adding him to the cast of his upcoming low-budget indie film L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio, which will also star Vanessa Redgrave.


Spacey will make an appearance as a police detective, while Franco Nero will play the lead, a blind artist who is wrongly suspected of sexual abuse. Vanessa Redgrave, Franco’s wife, if she can make it to Italy from England, will play the small role of Franco Nero’s piano teacher.


“I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film,” Nero told ABC News, “I consider him a great actor and I can’t wait to start the movie”. Spacey, on the other hand, is not commenting.


Since those sexual allegations were made against him, the actor was removed from the Netflix series House Of Cards. Actor Anthony Rapp first accused him of making sexual advances on him in 1986, and other allegations followed later. The actor has always pleaded not guilty.


Spacey’s last film role was in Billionaire Boys Club in 2018, however this was not a great success.


The Italian film will start shooting later this year.



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