Khalid + Ty Dolla $ign + 6lack – OTW | Music Video


Khalid is the gift that keeps on giving these days. Introducing one collaboration after another, the American crooner has unveiled the new music video for his single “OTW“, featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack.


The song, released back in April, is a smooth, melodic track that exploits Khalid’s swaggy singing flow. Tied together by Ty Dolla and 6lack’s verses, that squander here and there some ‘living on the edge’ mantra, “OTW” deserves its status as this summer’s top-charting hit.


The song is the perfect cruising bop, with lyrics like “You can meet me in five, I’ll be online, I’ll be a-all day/Put it in drive, I’ll be outside, I’ll be on the way” that makes you want to jump on the car and set off towards the sunset.


The visuals for the video take up the song’s RnB and hip-hop vibes and deliver a pleasant 90’s atmosphere, with the three singers flashing their puffy orange jackets while busting some moves. I don’t know if it is the heavy use of neon lights or the Fast and Furious vibe from when they are all sitting on the dashboard of their cars, but the video definitely helps setting the right tone for the track.


Check out the video here:




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