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There has been much rumour about actor Kit Harrington returning to HBO’s Game of Thrones after Jon Snow’s apparent death in the season 5 finale. A few weeks ago, Harrington spoke to Dutch Magazine, Humo, and appeared to give conclusive answer to the question that has plagued fans throughout this interim; will Jon Snow be returning for season 6? Well, now we know for sure. Chile’s largest press network, BioBioChile, has tweeted a picture of the British actor on set, filming in Northern Island.


The image appears to show Jon Snow alive and well, preparing for battle. However, the most interesting thing to note is that the brother of the Night’s Watch is no longer wearing the black robes of his order. Fans have long suspected that if Jon was to return and the character was in fact resurrected after death, his oath and obligation would be fulfilled.


We’re entering territory outside of George R. R. Martin‘s written material, and it is important to acknowledge that with the show’s previous departures from the novels, this may be not be the fate of Martin’s character outside of the series. It does lead us to speculate wildly about Jon Snow’s future. Will he fulfil the role of saviour for House Stark? With Stannis probably dead, will Jon become Melisandre’s prophesied hero? Or will his path lay with his true biological heritage?


Whatever the case may be, I’m glad to see Jon Snow back on the scene. After spending a few seasons as a rather dowdy reference point for adolescent boys – despite pouting over everything, Jon is handsome, has strong agency, and seems to be great at everything he tries his hand at – the burden of power foisted upon him as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch transformed him into an interesting three-dimensional character. Let’s hope Game of Thrones throws him further challenges in his now confirmed future. Season six of the Emmy winning HBO series, Game of Thrones is expected to air on the network next April.




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