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His work spans many genres and he excels at every one of them; from music to visual arts to poetry, Kojey Radical uses fearless lyrics and rich, imaginative beats to create his own unprecedented sound. Kojey builds on this and continues to take new ground with his latest track “Water” featuring Leicester songbird and hot property Mahalia and production assistance from Swindle.


The dexterous London artist touches bases on Rap, Funk and Jazz. His poetic form translates effortlessly into a subtle yet commanding rap flow with reggae tendencies, on a beat laced with guitar grooves, saxophones and a lot more. Mahalia adds that final touch of soul, something that comes so effortlessly to her. This latest cut has the potential to be a real summer jam.


But behind the beautiful production, like a true poet, there is a real poignant message to acknowledge. Kojey explains:


“I wrote ‘Water‘ to document the moments where ignorance no longer feels like bliss. I wanted the record to feel familiar, like having a conversation with a person you worry about because of the unpredictability of tomorrow. It’s a song for the feelers as well as the listeners…”




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