Lady Gaga Will Be Launching Her Own Makeup Line | Fashion News


The new industry all the celebrities seem to be heading into is beauty. The long list of stars that have launched their very own makeup line demonstrates it, with Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna heading the list, while other ‘it girls’ prefer to throw small punctual lines collaborating with other major brands, like Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez.


What we know for certain is that the beauty world is the goose that lays golden eggs, whether you are an actress, a model, a singer or a socialite. The latest person who may be joining the list and promising to do things in a very different and personal way is Lady Gaga.


It’s not confirmed yet, but as Teen Vogue has stated, it seems like the possible immersion of Lady Gaga into beauty is more than possible. The news has came to light after her team filed to get the brand registered. The name of the possible brand is Haus Beauty. Haus of Gaga is the name of her creative team, who are behind her amazing looks, so it’s logical that she has chosen that name.







We hope to see the new brand very soon and we wish her all the best.



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