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Zimbabwe-born, London-raised artist KWAYE has shared his new song “What Have You Done“, a vicarious look into toxic love and a follow-up to “I Go” , premiering on Highsnobiety.


KWAYE is a bonafide talent; his talent is earmarked by the subtle blends of house music, neo soul, R&B and this is another remarkable example. Soulful vocal arrangements laced over house-like production but also with subtle R&B flavour. It can almost take away from the potency of the message.


In KWAYE’s own words: “That feeling of dependence on the wrong person can become the most difficult thing to escape, and ultimately drive you further and further away from yourself. ‘What Have You Done‘ is the wake up call that comes when you realise you’ve strayed too far. It asks ‘at what cost have I continued to love you?’ in an act of regaining confidence and reclaiming ownership of yourself.”



“There’s also an underlying narrative throughout the song about the importance of education and the lack of extensive teachings of Black history beyond slavery in our school textbooks, but equally, how history and culture and have been channeled through music.”


To date KWAYE has earned over 15 million plays across his six released songs and visually stunning music videos. “What Have You Done” marks the first of more music to come this Fall.



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