KYLE – To The Moon | Music Video


Following the release of his debut album Light Of Mine last May, Californian rapper KYLE is taking us to space with his new music video for his last single “To The Moon“.


The song is a bouncy rap track with a lot of pop infusions and a light-weight tempo that makes it destined to be one of those tracks played in the car, windows down, on your way to the beach (or the moon if you wish). Starting with a pompous “this view is crazy”, it is a testament to KYLE’s newfound success.


The music video, as well, is a loyal take on the lyrics, with KYLE hopping to his song in a spaceship. The science fiction-inspired video sees KYLE “skrrrt” and “pshh” his smug way to the moon with a song that works precisely because of its childish and cartoonish vibes.


Distancing himself from this new wave of effortlessly cool, sleepish singers who seem to have made the word ‘unenthusiastic’ their highest aspiration, KYLE, with his dorky moves and juvenile enthusiasm, is a refreshing and welcoming new act.


Riding the wave of a successful debut album that features the likes of Khalid, Kehlani and 2 Chainz, KYLE is securing his place in the next wave of soft-rap singers with his top-charting bops that will surely benefit from the holiday season and its need of fresh, light songs.


Watch the music video below:




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