Laureli And Samurai Del Release New New Single ‘I Go Away’ From ‘From Seattle With Love’ EP | Music News


Singers Laureli and Samurai Delse have teamed up for a new EP entitled From Seattle With Love, from which the track “I Go Away” arrives here today.


The track opens with piano notes, a jazzy electro-soul tune provided by Samruai Del, which gets louder as the song progresses, and Laureli’s sumptuous vocals. Later in the song, guest artist Dave B also appears. The latter has appeared in COLORS but also Soulection, The Fader and many others.


Although the music is upbeat, the lyrics are rather sad. Laureli sings about the loss of a close friend and Dave talks about a failed relationship in a mixture of singing and rapping.


The duo Laureli and Samurai Del first teamed up on the track “Forgive Me”, from Del’s 2020 album Till Death. Following this, and given the striking chemistry between the two, they decided to create this EP together where, once again, the talent of the two artists perfectly matches and complements each other.


Both artists are from Seattle, which also explains the title of the EP From Seattle With Love. It seems to be an EP that is 100% in the image of Seattle.


You can listen to “I Go Away” just below.




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