Lennie James Teases Dramatic Entrance For Jeffery Dean Morgan In AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ | TV News



We’re all beyond excited for the return of The Walking Dead, and Lennie James has only added more wood to that pyre. The British actor who plays Morgan in the AMC Drama spoke about working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s entrance as new seasonal antagonist Negan, commenting to DigitalSpy:


​ I think he is fantastic casting for the role and the work he has done on the show so far is proof of that, and it’s off the chart,” he said, adding: “It is such a dazzling introduction that it’s going to blow people off their seats. [Season six] is going to go places that even if you read the comics you’ve got no f**king idea what’s going to happen!”


The show returns on Sunday at 9pm on AMC in the US, and the same time on FOX in the UK.



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