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Let’s Eat Grandma. Punctuation saves lives, but this duo never seemed to obey the rules, at least not in music. Friends since they were 4, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth are two teenage girls from Norwich, transforming the electro-pop scene with their freaky but fresh experimental sounds.


After the highly successful debut album I, Gemini, the band Let’s Eat Grandma (yes, it’s how they call themselves) return with a new single “Hot Pink“, produced by SOPHIE and released via Transgressive Records.


According to the duo, this new track “is about the misconceptions of femininity and masculinity and the power of embracing both of them. It’s about self-expression and appreciation for an underrated colour“. Entering such serious topics and reinventing their unique sound, Let’s Eat Grandma step into a new world and are ready for a second album.


Listen to the new “Hot Pink” below and be aware, that you can see the girls perform live in London on March 8 (tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 31)!




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