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After a four-year long mute period, she’s finally back to music. Lily Allen, same girly face and now 33 years old, has just produced a purely personal body of work. The name of the new-born album is No Shame and focuses on the disillusionment of the reality she knows.


She sings of her alcohol dependency, of her marriage breakdown, adding a feminist touch and putting a little bit of her experience as a mother in her songs that seem more a lesson than a confession; that’s why it is a return in every sense. “Being authentic has always been my calling card” she tells, as a subtitle to this album.


Among the influences on this last work, there is also the experience of dealing with a stalker for two and a half years, and how his actions affected her life and work. That effect is mirrored in the production, where most tracks and her voice sound stark and lonely.


She’s included names like London rapper Giggs and the Nigerian Afrobeats singer Burna Boy, as well as Mark Ronson and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.


Listening to No Shame is like having a conversation with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, and the best bit is hearing that Allen is happy again. She’s even writing an autobiography, due this autumn as she has announced. More news seem yet to come.



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