New Zealand Actor Yoson An Cast As ‘Mulan’ Love Interest | Film News

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New Zealand Actor Yoson An Cast As ‘Mulan’ Love Interest | Film News


Good news for the Disney adaptation of Mulan. The live-action movie just found its love interest. New Zealand actor Yoson An, who is of Chinese descent, has been cast in the much anticipated reboot and he is set to play new character Chen Honghu, an ambitious recruit who will become Mulan biggest ally and eventually her love interest.


The news comes right after contestation rose over the announcement that the character of Li Shang, the original love interested from the animated film, will not longer appear in the live-action movie.


The announcement sparked quite the controversy, with people accusing the producers of trying to get rid of one of the only queer character in Mulan. Li Shang, who in the animated movie shows a strong tide with Mulan male alter-ego, Ping, has always been a fan favorite.


Yoson An is set to join a cast that features almost all Chinese actors in the title roles, confirming Disney’s commitment to represent diversity on screen and to avoid the bad practice of whitewashing.


Mulan will be released on the big screen in March 27, 2020 and it will start production in August in China and New Zealand.



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