Live-Action ‘Inspector Gadget’ Film In The Works At Disney | Film News

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Live-Action ‘Inspector Gadget’ Film In The Works At Disney | Film News


A live-action Inspector Gadget movie is in the works at Disney as the studio continues to reach back into the past for future content. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will produce, having just produced the billion-dollar grossing Aladdin. Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell will pen the script. They also have experience with Disney, having written the upcoming Disney+ remake of Home Alone.


Inspector Gadget follows a clumsy cop who has robotic arms and legs, along with other gadgets and abilities built into his body. His niece Penny and her dog Brain often help him track down his nemesis Dr. Claw, who leads a criminal organisation known as M.A.D.


The character first appeared in the 1983 animated TV series, which ran for 86 episodes. The show remained in syndication into the 90s, introducing multiple generations to the character. That long run likely led to the 1999 live-action adaptation which starred Matthew Broderick. The film turned a small profit despite negative reviews, and got a direct-to-video sequel in 2003.


A revival of the series followed in 2015, but with special effects costs having come down drastically since 1999, Disney is probably thinking that new live-action Inspector Gadget movie would cost a fraction of the last one, and would probably reel in more at the box office. We don’t know however, whether the film is being developed for a theatrical release or Disney+.


It’s a little hard to judge how popular Inspector Gadget is within the pop culture landscape. That uncertainty probably dictates that the film is being developed for Disney+, which is likely where the studio will put their riskier, potentially less profitable projects. Though the Home Alone remake landing on there might prove that idea false. We’ll wait and see.



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