Live-Action ‘Silk’ Series In The Works From Marvel & Sony Television | TV News


Per Variety, a live-action Silk series is in production from Marvel and Sony TV. Atypical writer Lauren Moon is on script duties with Chris Miller and Phil Lord on board as producers.


But isn’t Marvel TV – the banner under which shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones were produced – dead? And aren’t all upcoming MCU-adjacent shows on Disney+? Yes and yes. However, if the Silk series gets picked up, it will be the first effort on the TV side of Sony’s nascent Marvel Universe catchily known as the SPUMC.


Outside of the two co-produced Tom Holland Spider-Man movies, these are Sony films based on Marvel properties they have the rights to, including Venom and its sequel, Morbius starring Jared Leto, a Jackpot movie from Marc Guggenheim, a recently announced untitled film directed by Olivia Wilde, and a Kraven The Hunter movie from J.C. Chandor.


So after all that, who is Silk? She’s the superhero alter-ego of Cindy Moon, created by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. She’s a Korean-American classmate of Peter Parker who also happens to be bitten by a radioactive spider, giving her similar abilities.


The character made her live-action debut in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Tiffany Espensen, who reprised the role briefly in Avengers: Infinity War. There were rumblings back in 2018 about Silk getting her own standalone feature film, along with the equally up-in-the-air Black Cat & Sable movie, but nothing came of it.


The show is a part of the hefty deal Lord and Miller recently signed at Sony Pictures Television. Amy Pascal will also produce. There’s not too much to go on regarding the show right now, but considering it’s a Marvel-adjacent, Spider-Man-related superhero project, it shouldn’t have much trouble finding an audience.



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