Lola Indigo + Don Patricio – Lola Bunny | Music Video


Music artists Lola Indigo and Don Patricio have joined forces to release a new explosive hit titled “Lola Bunny” and it comes with a free music video to top it off!


Miriam Doblas, best known for her artistic names Mimi and now Lola Indigo, is a Spanish artist who started her career as a dancer when she was very young, working in many different musicals and as a backup dancer in China and London for internationally famous artists like Chris Brown or Enrique Iglesias.


Lola’s career started emerging when she took part in a dancer contest in 2010 and then in a singing contest in 2017, but it wasn’t until after she got voted off Operación Triunfo that she started gaining international recognition, when she dropped her debut single “Yo Ya No Quiero Ná”.


Even though she was the first participant who got kicked off the contest, Lola Indigo has become one of the most popular ex-competitors, as her debut track’s music video has achieved over 69 million views on Youtube and almost 50 million streams on Spotify!


Don Patricio seems like has appeared out of nowhere instead. The Canary artist started his career when he was only fourteen and has been working hard to make his way in the record industry ever since.


However, even though he released his first demo in 2011, his last LP La Dura Vida del Joven Rapero has been the one that has marked his leap to fame. Released earlier this year, the album has been killing it all around Spain and South and Central America, and its lead single “Contando Lunares” has been played non-stop in every single night club, festival and party.


Now, Lola Indigo and Don Patricio have combined Lola’s fire and astounding dance moves with Don Patricio’s sick flow in a single and music video both inspired in the Warner Bros film Space Jam and one of its characters, who gives her name to the track’s title.




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