London Based Punk Rock Band Femegades Share New Track ‘Toolish’

Femegades, the London-based punk-rock band known for their unapologetically bold and militant style, has released a compelling new single titled “Toolish.”

This latest addition to their music catalog is more than just a song; it’s a powerful statement against unwarranted attention and a challenge to the often-asked question, “Why didn’t she just fight back?

Described as a blend of Bikini Kill’s rebellious energy and The Clash’s raw power, with a touch of Courtney Love’s influence, Femegades has carved a unique niche in the punk-rock scene. Their debut EP “Pornsick” earned them acclaim for tackling sensitive issues like male violence and consent with both sensitivity and a sense of optimism.

“Toolish” follows in the footsteps of their successful Not All Men EP, where they continued to push boundaries with catchy, clean vocals and melodies paired with hard-hitting, thought-provoking lyrics. The song is a wake-up call, wrapped in gloriously riotous tunes, that targets the obliviousness and entitlement often displayed in uncomfortable social interactions.

This new track adds to Femegades’ reputation for addressing topics that many shy away from. Their forthcoming third EP promises to continue this trend, with previous singles like “Depleted,” which delves into the societal expectations of motherhood, and “What Is Yours Is Mine,” exploring the concept of women being reduced to price tags.

“Toolish” has already started making waves, with Femegades receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1 and accolades from various music critics. Described as catchy enough for even the unaware to rock out to, the song’s true power lies in its lyrics, a hidden punch for the unwary listener.

Femegades are not just making music; they’re using their platform to challenge norms and spark conversations, all while delivering an electrifying punk-rock experience.

Listen to “Toolish” below!


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