Japanese Danish Musician IDA KUDO Unveils New Single ‘The Power That Is Woman’

IDA KUDO’s latest single “The Power That Is Woman” is a call for transformation in leadership styles, echoing the need for compassion and a shift towards feminine values.

Released on November 8, this song is the first glimpse into her upcoming EP Proud, set to launch in Spring 2024. The track’s message is clear and timely: it’s time for a change of power, focusing on people rather than profit.

“The Power That Is Woman” is a musical journey that combines dark, intricate verses with anthemic choruses. These elements work together to create an uplifting experience, filled with hope and confidence. IDA KUDO’s use of captivating melodies, energetic beats, and powerful backing vocals encapsulates her vision of a new style of leadership rooted in feminine values.

The Danish-Japanese artist, a graduate of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and BIMM in London, collaborates with award-winning British record producer Andrew Hunt for this project. Together, they bring a unique Scandinavian-Asian sound to the EP, blending hip-hop, 50s orchestration, and tribal choirs, all led by KUDO’s impeccable vocals.

IDA KUDO has made a mark on the international music scene with her explosive energy and distinct sound. She has supported Sting in Austria, performed at notable festivals like Reeperbahn in Hamburg, and appeared at various venues in Berlin, London, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Her music, featured on BBC Introducing and national radio stations across Denmark, Germany, and France, has also been used in popular TV series and major international campaigns, including Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunsets’ and promotions for Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Facebook, Riott Games, and Audi.

As the anticipation for Proud builds, “The Power That Is Woman” sets the tone for an EP filled with empowering messages and socially critical topics, all wrapped in an alluring pop universe.

IDA KUDO’s new single and upcoming EP promise to be more than just music; they’re a movement towards a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Listen to “The Power That Is Woman” below!


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