London College Of Fashion Project To Rehabilitate Female Prisoners | Fashion News


The London College of Fashion is lending its support by running a fashion scheme inside the Holloway Women’s Prison, which will be headed by tutor Carolyn Sumerfield. The initiation of the program started three months ago, with the workshop and all its fundamentals being financed by The Ministry of Justice. The project has proved very popular with the inmates at Holloway Prison as they find it “takes away from the boredom” and gives them “something to look forward to“, and many hope to pursue it after their release.


Especially after the much-debated problems surfacing due to the major cutbacks being made in training programmes, and there being a shortage of staff in prisons, as well as a shortage of seamstresses and skilled machinist for this scheme, particularly in London where Fashion is a fundamental. The program has been created to allow the small group of inmates a better chance of rehabilitation and finding work to support themselves when they are released.


The first year of the workshop enables them to earn an NVQ qualification in prison, also the items they have created will be sold on the High street. The main aim is to stop the vicious cycle of prisoners returning to crime to support themselves and that they have some skills to fall back on. We hope this program proves well for everyone.



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