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North London artist and producer HART has recently released a brand new single titled “Need To Talk” featuring another emerging artist growing into the music industry, London rapper ZEE. With both artists having the same music style which is more turned towards R&B and UK rap, the single is musically very fluid.


The track is produced, mixed, and mastered by HART, with his unique style, and the song is led by menacing tones, textures, and modern drums in combination with the strong vocal top lines from the artists. HART’s voice slides on the track, he has quite a claiming voice, even though the music style and the lyrics are not that calming.


Regarding the lyrics, they cover basic rap themes and we can hear that the song is about women, luxury brands, and how a relationship goes – how they need to talk as the title implies.


HART has been working with some big names in the UK scene like Mahalia and M Huncho, and has also been supported by BBC Radio. He has always loved music and arts in general, thanks to his mother. His music is inspired by artists like Travis Scott, SZA and Mike Dean.


With a UK base and a US-style touch to his music, HART has the ambition of pioneering a new sound. A sound that will have different styles, combining synthetic drones, modern drums, and menacing key sounds, while keeping his usual R&B/hip-hop style, a bit like he did with his recent track.


This young artist has much to prove to the music industry but he is a talent to look out for, whether is it regarding the producing or the writing of a new single for himself and other artists. HART has already accomplished a lot.


Watch the music video for “Need To Talk” here:




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