Brooklyn Indie Musician America Jayne Releases ‘Don’t Worry About Selling Out’ | Music News


Brooklyn indie musicianAmerica Jayne has released a new single titled “Don’t Worry About Selling Out“, a song about being a struggling musician in today’s world.


She said about her track, “It was born from late nights bartending at Rockwood Music Hall. Every night I would sling drinks and feel inadequate while I watched other musicians on stage, living my dream.[…] The song contemplates if artists have to ‘sell out’ to become successful and in the end I decide I have to ‘spend my money to make money till I make my money, even if I’m selling out’“.


The track came out along with a light-hearted video which dropped on March 19. If you like Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers or Beach Bunny, “Don’t Worry About Selling Out” will undoubtedly meet your expectations!


America Jayne whose real name is Erica was raised in a small town in Connecticut and started guitar lessons at age ten to escape from a place where she says there were more cows per square mile than people.


She moved to New York in January 2018 as she wanted to experience a big leap in her life and got hired as a server at the famous music venue, Rockwood Music Hall, in the Lower East Side.


This is where Erica becoming America Jayne started as her coworkers were a mix of musicians, actors, and creatives who wanted to have their voices heard as much as she did.


America Jayne will release two more new singles this year with producer Ronnie DiSimone, and has also begun working on her debut EP. These new songs show her growth as an artist as she narrows in on an indie rock sound you can expect from her future work.


Watch “Don’t Worry About Selling Out” below:




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