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London-based singer AnFlo has just released a brand new single titled “Don’t Leave Me”. A fresh song that follows her 2020 release “Pathways”, the track is a break-up love song with the beautiful voice of AnFlo and the backing singers that accompany her perfectly to give it an in-sync relationship vibe.


This song is about a situation in a relationship that isn’t working out. One of the things put forward here is the value of the person in front of you that doesn’t place the same value in you as you do in them, which makes the relationship hard to work with.


It is all about also the process of realizing one’s worth – which is the basis of a good and healthy relationship if you ask me – and knowing if you are meant to be together or not. AnFlo explains: “I wanted a song that left people feeling empowered“.


For the track, she has an electric guitar as well as backing singers following AnFlo’s voice, and with the lyrics going on about communicating between the two in the relationship and not leaving one in the blur. The track also talks about looking for someone who will put you first, on a pedestal.


Singer AnFlo is a London-based Cameroonian singer, songwriter, and producer who creates music to stimulates every single one of the senses. Being young and inspirational, her new sound encapsulates influences of her Cameroonian roots as well as R&B, soul, and afropop sensibilities, all used to make her singles.


This affords audiences exposure to a really unique tone and incredible vocal strength that she has worked on during her studies. AnFlo’s vision is to make honest music that challenges listeners to reflect on themselves and the world around them.


She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where she majored in Music Production & Engineering, which has allowed her the room to be truly authentic and experimental in the musical experiences. The singer is on the right path to creating herself a name in the music industry, with her voice and her writing, it wouldn’t be a surprise we hear more and more from her.


Listen to “Don’t Leave Me” here:




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