Norwegian Band WinterBeach Release New Electronic Single ‘Sky & Stars’ | Music News


Norwegian band WinterBeach is getting us in the mood for nightclubs and festivals with their new single “Sky & Stars”.


This new single with its rhythm, melody, build up and catchy chorus offers us the perfect mix to do our best dance steps on the dance floor on this mix between pop and EDM.


WinterBeach consists of Tiam on vocals, Baz on drums and Angel on keyboards, and all three are from Bergen in Norway. The trio has carved its own path by combining their musical influences to create hit songs similar to Depeche Mode songs with pop choruses.


“WinterBeach takes your hand for that emotional journey of a new-wave horizon. Depeche Mode, A-ha, Falco, Alphaville – all come down to the battle lines”, stated the website Come Here Floyd about the band.


From the UK to Europe to China, the trio formerly known as Flare have been touring the world in a rootsy atmosphere to spread their music around the globe. They even had the opportunity to perform in China alongside some of China’s biggest pop stars and models.


Now back in Norway, the trio continue to produce synthpop music as they know how, and “Sky & Stars” is one of them. If you’re a fan of 80’s pop and EDM, then you’ll be won over by WinterBeach’s style.


Listen to “Sky & Stars” below.




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