Louis Walsh Shares Opinion On Last Year’s ‘X Factor’ | TV News

Louis Walsh


After failing to make the list of most watched TV shows of 2015, Louis Walsh has given his verdict on last year’s series of X Factor, saying the “fun” element of the singing competition was missing and that previous judge Nick Grimshaw didn’t work out – who Walsh previously branded as a “groupie” and a “bad booking”.


Speaking on Ireland’s The Late Show, Walsh seemed to feel he and Sharon Osbourne could bring the fun back: “Grimmy didn’t work, let’s be honest. I think they want the fun back and I think Sharon and I bring a bit of fun. You see, she’s not afraid of Simon [Cowell]”.


When asked whether his return could actually become a reality, Walsh seemed optimistic about being asked: “I might be [returning] and I should be and I probably will be”. However, he did confirm: “I haven’t signed my contract. I’m going to, when I get it, but I haven’t got it yet”. Could Louis really be the one the rescue the X Factor from the gutter? Only time will tell…



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