‘Love’ Season 1: The Apatow Brand Misses The Mark | TV Review



This imaginatively named comedy series is new on Netflix. The unmistakably creative fingerprints of Judd Apatow are all over it. The mastermind behind This is 40, Knocked Up and The 40 Year old Virgin has a unique sensibility that can be in equal parts hilarious and irritating.


This series follows two thirtysomethings fumbling through life and into a possible relationship. As with all Apatow projects it examins the terror of being a grown up.


The main two characters are Community allumni Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. Jacobs is mildly angry radio manager Mickey with addiction difficulties opposite Rust’s seemingly nice guy Gus. He is a tutor to a child star in a hit TV series with lofty dreams of becoming a writer. The series starts as they meet at a trough in their life and follows how their mutual attraction develops.


There is no new ground in this second stage of adolescence relationship comedy. The dialogue aims to rival HBOs Girls, but is never as sharp or witty. Apatow’s style of allowing the scene to naturally develop produces plenty of titters but few laugh out loud moments.


The main flaw is both the main characters can be highly unlikable and the couple seem to be very poorly matched. Mickey is a collection of screw ups and selfish decisions but happily admits it. Gus becomes increasingly frustrating due to his undercurrent of self-pitying.


The funniest episode sees Gus go on a doomed date with Mickey’s new roommate Bertie, played by Claudia O’Doherty. Berite’s Australian sunny disposition is refreshing and elevates every scene she is in.


By the end of the season I wasn’t particularly bothered if they ended up together but it passed the time.



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