Lovelyz Release Another Teaser Of ‘Wag-zak’ Video | Music News


K-Pop girl group Lovelyz have released another long teaser from the music video of their upcoming single “Wag-zak“.


The girl band were formed by Woollim Entertainment in 2014. “Candy Jelly Love” was the lead single of their first album Girls’ Invasion. They have a string of hit songs to date including “Twinkle“, “Ah-Choo“, “Destiny” and their most recent “That Day“.


The new teaser features all the members in different outfits, which all include the colour blue. We catch them drinking cocktails, playing games, eating fruits, reading books, having fun, singing at the camera, posing cute and having fun on a paradisiac beach. A catchy pop song with EDM sounds that is reminiscent of summer, the music video will be released on July 1.


Watch the teaser below:




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