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LUCILLE is the new rising London based band, they have released their debut single titled “European Civil War” on October 4. And it’s just a preview of their upcoming debut EP.


Formed in early 2018, it’s composed of four young members sharing ooze rock and roll swagger. Their previous lives performances, including a well received live session for BBC radio, are earning them a reputation as one of the most exciting bands in British music.


Also, it has allowed them to sell out headline slots at London’s Camden Assembly and The Dome.


In testimony of their greatness, they have been working with The Killer, Liam Gallagher and George Ezra producer, Charles Haydon Hicks.


Their debut single, “European Civil War“ is a response to the current atmosphere in Europe, and especially in the UK, were reasonable discussion seems to have been lost to anger and emotional responses on all sides.


Their clever and engaged lyrics are driven by loud guitars for a riff-driven and anthemic production. The lyrics fit perfectly with this energetic and thrilling musicians demonstrations, sharing their despair about today’s society.


Also, to create this track, they took inspiration from Quentin Tarantino film soundtracks, as well as music from The Strokes and Kings of Leon.


We can’t wait to discover their full EP, and in the meantime, if you’re a lucky Londoner, they are performing at Oslo in Hackney on October 18. Listen to “European Civil War” below.




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