‘Made In Chelsea: LA’ Episode 3 – I Promise To Be Your Priscilla Tonight | TV Review



The LA series of Made In Chelsea took a leap to Las Vegas this week as the group went to party Hangover style, with Lucy and Steph partying until 6am to fully celebrate Steph’s new single status and get over Josh, who has disappeared from the series completely. Now, if you’re wondering where James, Lucy’s bae, is, he flies out to Las Vegas to see her and surprise the boys.


More love in the air sees Alec flying over from NYC to see his beloved Louise, and they have an adorably soppy conversation about how in love they are – cue the violins and vomit bags. Jess is even whisked away on a ultra-cool skateboarding date with a hot model Toff spots whilst bowling.


This episode does not offer a lot, I won’t lie. The usual complaints are in order – there is little action or drama, few arguments and very little story. However, Jamie is in the lime light this week and not for a good reason. After agreeing to be exclusively dating Nas, Jamie is accused of cheating on her. Funnily enough he denies it, even though he has – classic Jamie Lang behaviour.


Even his friends feel sorry for her naivety and the girls kindly or cruelly warn her off his declaration of monogamy, saying to “take everything he says with a pinch of salt“. Next time promises more drama between Binky and JP, along with the unfolding and failing romance between Jamie and Nas… naturally.



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