Maharishi Militant Style Collection – Progressive Or Inappropriate | Fashion


Maharishi, a controversial cult 90’s fashion brand led by Hardy Blechman, made a comeback at the on-going London Menswear Fashion Week and didn’t take any prisoners. The brand’s military clad models were unfettered by the audience and walked their way into the fashion spotlight, but some argue this was maybe a step too far given the security situation in Paris. Is it too soon to be challenging the norms? After a tragic week involving the deaths of 17 victims, has Maharishi gone too far? I don’t think so.


The fashion world and reality has to collide but should we expect designers to hold back their creativity. No. It’s their duty to ensure they progress and not regress. The models resembled outfits which could’ve been worn by 90’s fictional character Shinobi or could be seen in the valleys of the samurai in Japan. There’s a mysticism and urban-chic factor which could be seen as controversial to some but to others is practical or maybe a bit whacky. Either way, Maharishi has made a statement and set 2015 off with a bang!




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