Maisie Williams Teases Arya’s Arc In ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 | TV News



I may not have watched Game of Thrones for a while, but waiting for the season six still leaves me in metaphorical stitches of excitement, with Maisie Williams teasing Arya’s character arc in the upcoming HBO series sending me further into paroxysms of excitement.


“Every season with Arya adds a different layer, I feel,” the actress Digitalspy, “With season five and going into season six, it’s kind of like they’re stripping those away. Although she turns a lot darker, a lot of it is actually what’s underneath, and they’re stripping away the emotion now. It was so interesting reading season five and thinking ‘this is not the girl I’ve auditioned for, at all’.”


She continued: “Going into season six, she gets broken down totally. We see her at the lowest point we’ve ever seen her. This time it’s nothing to do with a family member being killed, it’s something purely about herself. I love that side of it, and I think this new series, we definitely see a new crack in her. There’s a moment where you question whether she’s going to get back up or keep fighting.”


The fantasy series returns to our TV screens on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK on the 24th of April.



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