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Irish singer Malaki has just released a fantastic new hip-hop single titled “46a”, produced by Matthew Harris. The Dublin native artist is only 19 years old, but has already achieved marvellous praises, thanks to his 2019 live shows, including his performances in summer festivals Forbidden Fruit and Beatyard.


“46a” is the first single from Butterfly Boy, Malaki’s five track EP due to release on December 10. The song features a catchy flow and rhythm and superb instrumentals. Moreover, the song stands out for its impressive lyrics, which reveal Malaki’s reflections, based on the number 46, about love. In particular, the artists maditates on the complexities of heatbreaking, referring to the 46a bus route, which is one of South Dublin’s best-known ones.


Regarding the new EP, Malaki will deal with a large number of themes including family, friendship, love, heartbreak, desire, loss and frustration. The artist has also shared a statement about his new project.


“What I hope to achieve with this EP, is a coherent body of work that encapsulates and helps manifest sentiments that seemed so psychologically intangible at the time of writing. This EP touches on themes of pain, trauma and heartbreak as well as dysfunctional and functional mental health issues which I believe everyone can relate to in some way. An important thing for me to get across is my life in Dublin, Ireland and how my sense of home influences this EP”.


In addition, he added: “The project illuminates the complexity of my relationship with Ireland, which I think is something a lot of Irish people share. On good days, it can inspire me; but among those days I can also find myself feeling anger, disbelief and a sense of hopelessness. The theme of my roots along with my rootlessness, is something that also plays a strong role.”


While waiting for the new EP to be released, listen to “46a” below:




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