Martin Freeman To Star In New Drama ‘Start Up’ | TV News

Sherlock: Martin Freeman as Watson


According to the latest reports, Sony’s streaming site, Crackle, has secured the services of Martin Freeman for their new original drama series Start Up. Although Crackle isn’t as famed as Netflix or Amazon, this could be the show that gives them a boost into the big leagues. Freeman is more famed for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in Sherlock alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit trilogy, but in this drama he won’t be playing second fiddle to anyone.


Freeman will be playing an FBI agent called Phil Rask; an agent who specialises in financial crime. Freeman is joined by Adam Brody, who plays a financier who comes to the attention of Rask when he tries to shift his money into a tech business called Start Up. Joining the two leads are Otmara Morrero as the head of the company and Edi Gathegi as a high-level Haitian gangster.


Ben Ketai is taking on the roles of director, writer and executive producer for Start Up, which starts shooting this week. It sounds very much like The Wolf of Wall Street told from the perspective of Kyle Chandler, but unfortunately U.K. viewers may never find out as Crackle cancelled their U.K. service last year and it has not been made clear whether there is any other way to access their material.



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