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Francois Truffaut and Alfred Hitchcock


One of film’s greatest historians and auteurs talking about two of film’s other great historians and auteurs? It sounds like a recipe for brilliance. Martin Scorsese, a legendary cinephile and director is one of the many directors  to feature in Kent Jones‘ documentary about the Master of Suspense and one of the greatest filmmakers of the French New Wave: Hitchcock/Truffaut.


In a new clip for the film, Scorsese and David Fincher are the directors sharing their impressions on Alfred Hitchcock‘s work. Also in the clip is an audio extract of a conversation between François Truffaut and Hitchcock in which they talk about the poetic and dreamlike qualities of what is described as Hitchcock’s greatest film: Vertigo.


This is taken from a legendary meeting between the two filmmakers which occurred over the course of 8 days in 1962 after Truffaut sent letters to Hitchcock in which he expressed his admiration for the Englishman’s work.


Their conversation, which covered their own work and the nature of filmmaking itself, would result in a book: Le Cinéma selon Alfred Hitchcock. It is from this book that Kent Jones derives his documentary, only with the added dimension of modern masters like Scorsese, Fincher, Peter Bogdanovich, Wes Anderson and Paul Schrader discussing the films of Truffaut and Hitchcock.


It is likely that cinephiles will get more enjoyment out of this than the general film-going public, but for anyone obsessed with the works of Hitchcock, or fascinated by the style of Truffaut’s films, Hitchcock/Truffaut will simply be unmissable. It will receive a U.K. release on March 4 and you can watch the new clip for the film, and its trailer, below.





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